Friday, October 3, 2014

Optimized Camel Photos and Selfie Posts

Too Many Selfies! Not Enough Camel Faces!

The face of internet vanity is you.

It's something else, the selfie. The word, believed to be coined by a drunk Australian on an online forum in 2002, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.

And now, camels are getting in on the action.

But first, here's an amazing video that explains how exactly to optimize the photo selection you choose if you want to be popular (or unpopular) on social networks.

Keep in mind, if you're posting your selfie on a page on your own website, or a blog that lets you include articles to accompany your beautiful autoportrait, here's an important (and free) lesson in how to optimize your articles for search, so that people looking for articles with selfies in them can find them easily in google, yahoo and bing.  (duckduckgo users are obviously too cool to make a selfie page).

Something to think about when creating great content that you want to share and be well indexed by the major search engines:  Are you worried that writing articles with SEO in mind will make the writing worse? That maybe it won’t be worth the effort? It’s a delicate balance, but incorporating SEO does not need to hamper your writing. In fact, it can enhance your content. Learn the 4 keys behind successful SEO writing (see the link above) and get on with your life ... or at least with your post.

On that page, you'll learn some valuable information about things like how to write the best Title tags for your selfie page (or any other page you make), as seen in this video:

And now ... a roaring camel selfie photo selection from this post full of selfies featuring camel faces ... with some funny people.

selfie with ship of the desert
camel selfie
Image: Imgur, Reddit, _JSL_

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