About Me

Because you asked

I am putting up this page about me, so that you can stop asking me for it.

klm dog exploited for fake ad meme
Dogs: There for us, no matter how dishonest we are with them.

My name is Randy Marshall.

I don't share everything.

It is not unusual to have weird collections of interests.

People who curate are no better and no worse than people who are original. OK, maybe they're a little worse.

People who curate "quotes", still need to use proper spelling and grammar. Dammit.

You can not pigeon-hole everyone, despite your best software.

Generally, when I'm not testing strange experiments for the betterment of mankind, I'm doing things to help animals, because frankly they are often better, and almost always more honest, than humans.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't love people. It's just that I think the animals without a voice, deserve more love, admiration and respect than we as a species tend to give them.

Obviously I'm into science and tech, and things that make people LOL.

Among my remaining to-dos on my bucket list:  Discovering why the anti-Newtonian laws of custard don't work on certain supervisors and other would-be rulers.

In case you're unfamiliar with that slice of physics fun, here's a glimpse, from the inimitable 'Brainiac' show that normally airs on the BBC, or as they call it in the UK, "The Beeb".

Now go back to work, or whatever you were doing, like reading more of my world-shattering blog posts and sharing them with your friends and family ... and nemeses alike.

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