Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Top 3 Emergency Revenue Generators

Please Note: I am not affiliated with any of the following websites. My colleagues, with whom this research was conducted, are also not affiliated with these sites. We have simply discovered these techniques that anyone can use to earn a little extra. This works especially well if you have an hour or two per day to spend online. And the best part is, there is absolutely nothing to buy. There is No purchase necessary and there is no investment of any kind required to do any of the tactics recommended in this article.

Three great easy current and consistent ways to earn quick bucks

Sometimes, you need a little extra cabbage in your wallet or bank account. It can happen to anyone, for any reason. We're not here to judge anyone on their personal finance circumstances. We're just here to offer some great tips and free advice.

We've spent thousands of hours researching the web for possible ways to earn extra income so you don't have to. We did this because there was a time when we needed to know this, and frankly we were massively disappointed in what we found. Nothing and no one was truly sharing really helpful advice about how to do this. It was all either pie-in-the-sky or there was some things we found out that they did not disclose fully and up front. We did not appreciate that, and we thought that it would make our search for an answer more helpful if it was spelled out clearly, with supporting videos where possible, in order to make it accessible to anyone who can get on the internets, now and in the future.

Here are the best three ways we have found to keep yourself out of the poor house, pay extra bills, or simply have a little extra to relieve that endless financial stress that keeps you from achieving your other, more important life goals.

Method #1

How to earn thirty bucks an hour by filling out surveys, without any costly signup fee or hidden charges.

Sites used to do this:
Vindale Research
Bandmix Forum
Slice the Pie

The basic premise here is very simple, and it involves just a few, easy to repeat steps.

Step 1): Join a Survey Network.

You sign up for free to a survey site like Vindale Research. Then you go ahead and scan the available surveys for ones that take the least amount of time, and payout the most amount. For example, a survey that pays $2 and takes only 5 minutes is financially equivalent to a survey that takes 10 minutes and pays $4. So do the math and see how much you earn per minute and per hour and then it's easy to pick the ones you can earn the most from.

Step 2): Promote your chosen survey site's affiliate link

After you've signed up to the survey site of your choice, and you have earned your first few extra coins or bills, you'll quickly realize how easy it is to do, and how much more you'll be able to earn if just a few of your friends sign up and do the same. In order to do this properly and quickly, the easiest thing to do is to go on to the forums where people are in a similar boat, looking for proven ways and effective means to improve their finances. One of the easiest places to do this, is to join the fora where musicians and other sorts of artists hang out and chat online. Artists tend to be a group of people constantly in need of extra capital. Surely you've heard of, or even know a starving artist or two, right?

So you go onto sites like Bandmix, where you signup for free, and after you've introduced yourself to the community according to the forum rules, and after you've made a couple of other useful posts or comments about the topics on the forum where you have something interesting to say, you then (and only then!) promote your chosen survey site's affiliate link in the relevant Forum board. You'll be surprised at how many great people are out there looking for ways to sustain their lifestyle with online earnings. Done right, you can easily get a few people to sign up through your affiliate link, and then you're earning a nice, small extra amount through their efforts.

Step 3: Choose another survey site and repeat

Once you have done your part to fill out surveys and promote your affiliate link on a forum where people are looking for secure ways to earn quickly, you should be able to repeat this process on other trustworthy sites. Some sites you will come across will even pay you smaller amounts (pennies, usually) to write reviews for songs or other fun, entertaining media. One example of this is Slice The Pie. You sign up, for free, and then you start to listen to music it plays for you. After you hear the selection, you post your review, and you earn some pennies or nickels for your opinion. The thing to do here is to make sure you actually post something useful and insightful. An honest review. Not a bunch of garbage or just one or two sentences. If you just post junk, these sorts of sites will very quickly see that you are just trying to exploit their system and they will ban your account. So just be real and honest and let them know what you think of what they played for you. After all, they went through all the work to build a system that pays you for your opinion. Think about how often you post long responses to facebook posts or tweets. And how much and often have those sites ever paid you? So why not make your comments worth your while?

And again, the best music and entertainment review sites will also let you join an affiliate program for free, and you should join it and promote your affiliate link on similar forums as mentioned above.

Method #2

How to earn a grand in one hour of work, using two websites:

Sites used to do this:
Seize Cars
Craig's List

This is probably our favorite big ticket method to pad any wallet quickly. It requires just a few simple, free steps.

Step 1: Signup to Clickbank

Join Clickbank for free. Use it as an online payment processor, to enable online sales, watch your commissions grow, and tap into a huge database of insights that can help you grow your sales stream easily and effectively. Basically, you'll use Clickbank to promote the links you want to promote in this method. When people buy something you're selling, it will be tracked and processed safely and securely by Clickbank, which then disburses your funds to you in any of the many ways they offer. It can even be on a weekly basis.

Step 2: Sign up to Seize Cars

Lookup the Seize Cars website. Sign up for free. Join their affiliate program for free. Get your affiliate links to the cars you want to offer for sale.

Step 3: Promote your links on Craig's List

Copy/Paste those links in places where buyers are looking for exactly those sorts of products. Popular buyer fora include Craigs List and many, many others. Local fora are often best, because then you can promote a local item, which can be quickly delivered to the customer. On Craig's List, you go into the Car Buyer's message boards, and you offer to Sell a car or truck as an owner. You then fill out the form as a seller/owner, because the cars you are promoting on the Seized Cars website are usually sold by the owner, or by the government which has seized the car and is selling it on behalf of the owner. When your affiliate link leads to a sale of a high ticket item like a car, truck or boat, you can easily make a grand or more, even on a small commission rate.

Method #3

How to pad your stash with quick gigs

Sites used to do this:

This method basically teaches anyone how to use the methods and practices done by the verified pitchman, to create their own services available online.

Step 1: Signup to MakeFiverrMoney

Join the site for free and subscribe to his free weekly tips on how you can earn extra on the digital services marketplace.

Step 2: Follow the recommended steps

Set up your seller account and start creating gigs. You can have up to 20 at a time. The more, the better, as it will show you, over time, which of your services sell, and which ones don't. And then you can edit the ones that work to work better, and edit the ones that don't work to work better, or remove them, or keep them if they drive good leads to your more successful services.

Step 3: Put in an hour or two per day for at least 3 months, to promote your services across your website, blog and social networks

Once your services are made and ready to sell, make sure you tell everyone about them. Do this by naturally mentioning your links in places where it is appropriate, relevant and useful to the readers, listeners or viewers. You can mention it in a blog post, a website, a social network, even an audio file, ebook or YouTube video clip.

While you should not expect to see immediate sales, you will notice an increase in interest over the first few weeks, and eventually you will start to see sales after a month or two. Persistence and regular tweaks to your posting methods will help you grow past the ground floor to significant sales levels within a few months of maintaining a good effort.

How we learned, tested and reported on these techniques

So here's how we created this study, what we found, and what it all means to your bottom line. We urge you to read this section, test it for yourself, and let us know in the comments below what your honest experiences are.


Our 4-points criteria for achieving this list required that the methods were:
1) trustworthy and verifiable,
2) consistently reliable over 90 days or more,
3) easy to replicate and independent of market forces, and
4) free of charge to join, and did not require any financial outlay, capital investment or other monetary expense.

We kept copious notes during our research and built this report over time, so that it would be available to you as quickly as possible as soon as we concluded our study and had it peer reviewed.


We studied the offers of over 4,700 sites over a period of 2 years and 3 months (concluded last month).


What we have found is that there are an enormous amount of sites promising ways to earn extra capital, yet very few (less than 1.7%) actually meet our criteria. The overwhelming amount of them require either too much time, and financial charges that they do not disclose up front. These two basic barriers to entry prevent most people from following through, because either they do not have the time, or they do not wish to spend in order to earn.

On top of that, we have found that most of the sites (over 78%) are either promoting methods that are not trustworthy or verifiable, do not last longer than a few months. Usually the programs offered are unsustainable, or they shut down or go offline or become exclusive, with paid fees keeping out those who ironically need their offerings the most. As a result, most people who are looking for ways to add some liquid assets to their purse do not believe what they are being offered will work. The net effect of that is that the person in need remains needy, while the person or people selling their wares remain without sales growth.

And a pure majority (more than 83%) are difficult, if not impossible, to replicate, and are too dependent on market forces, relying on things beyond your control. If you're fortunate enough to make one of the oft-seen methods work, you'll be hard pressed to make it work again and again, for any significant period of time. Either they take up too much time, or they go offline, or the market forces will make the method obsolete. This immediately eliminated thousands of programs, where the groups paying out to people are essentially exploiting the market to drop the standards to the lowest possible level. What this means is that it's just not worth it unless you live in a poverty stricken third world nation, or are otherwise living on less than a couple of bucks a day.


The top 3 methods presented in this article are proven, effective ways of generating extra capital. The first two are easily done to earn relatively quickly (days and weeks). The third method is quick and easy to set up (a few hours of time) and then requires effort promoting your links across your website, blogs and social networks, and then it requires patience and time.

We have found that it takes up to a month or two to start seeing our services sell, and then within a few months, to see a heavier stream of sales start to happen. And it takes up to 12 - 18 months to see the extra earnings grow from a nice pocket money source, to something akin to a full salary level.

The methods and secrets revealed in this article are most likely not going to make you a zillionaire. They are not intended to do so. However, if you actually need extra dead presidents in the next 7 - 30 days, you can use the sites listed above and follow the methods revealed, to get what you need, reliably and repeatedly.

Do these methods work for you? Do they live up to your expectations? What shortcomings did you find with any of the ways demonstrated in this article? What better methods have you found to fund yourself quickly in times of critical or urgent need for extra beans? Your reviews and feedback are vital to this process, and we thank you for sharing your opinions with us.