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Seven Q&As That Will Rock Your World

7 Questions and Answers about Rosetta Philae

esa's lander on the target - artist's interpretation
Rosetta Philae on the comet - artist's rendition
Philae and the comet tchouri seven questions to understand what works ... or not

If the Philae landing on the comet robot is already considered a technical success by the European Space Agency, its current position made it difficult to start any drilling while its batteries would soon after be out of power.

Wednesday's landing was seen as a victory for scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA), but its current position could be fatal to the world's most famous space robot. A vertical and standing on two of its three feet, Philae "works well" but its position in a little sunny area, caused it problems to recharge its batteries.

1. Where should the robot Philae have landed?

The researchers predicted that Rosetta mission Philae would land on the Agilkia site, an area near the top of the smaller of the two lobes of the comet. The site selection was made based on its topography and its mapping.

"The situation is not optimal"

2. Where is Philae now?

Due to the very low gravity of the comet around 100,000 times lower than on land, it was necessary to provide harpoons for the robot not to bounce.

Unfortunately, the trigger system did not work and Philae, weighing a hundred pounds, bounced three times. The first bounce of more than a kilometer lasted almost two hours. Still, the ESA does not seem to pinpoint its exact location.

"The rally lasted almost two hours"

3. did the robot do its work despite the chaotic landing?

Yes. Philae is equipped with 10 tools that were tested. Among them, cameras from which images were provided to the press and world by the space agency. Another tool to collect samples of the comet is also running.

4. Could Philae accomplish all its tasks if it was not properly grounded?

One of the priority tasks of Philae is boring and it is impossible to undertake anything of that nature without ground anchors. Nevertheless, during landing, the robot was able to sink 4 cm, suggesting that the screws on the feet fulfilled their role.

5. How long was the battery life?

That scientists feared what might happen. They were afraid that the robot would be attached to a rock wall that would shade the solar panels mounted on the robot. However, Philae is almost vertically on a sloping 30% slope and solar panels can be found in the shade. Batteries allow it to be on for 50-55 hours. Despite the chaotic landing, the antennas are facing the sky which facilitates communication.

6. Do we know what kind of data was already collected by Philae?

The National Space Research Centre refuses to give any information whatsoever but indicates that much data has been collected. "Our priority is to continue to make scientific analyses without moving anything," said Philippe Gaudon, the Rosetta mission boss.

7. Is the purpose of Philae to bring back samples of the comet on Earth?

No, it would be far too expensive. Besides, scientists from the Rosetta mission would not even consider its return to Earth. Philippe Lamy, astrophysicist mission said that eventually it could be ejected from the comet. Anyway, it can not remain indefinitely because comets are gradually eroded.

ESA Press Conference Following Successful Philae Landing

How The Managers Told Of Rosetta Philae Lander's Successful Landing

Here's how the ESA shared the news with the world, of the Rosetta Philae Lander having successfully landed on the Comet Choury:

Be Amazed. Be Very Amazed. The Rock Is Coming As A Comet Towards The Sun ... Hurtling Through Space, With A Manmade Lander On Its Back.

What We Learned From Philae ... So Far

Things Humanity Has Gained From Philae Comet Lander / Driller

image from the European Space Agency (ESA) November 13, 2014
Photo: Philae Comet Lander / Driller, Nov. 13, 2014
SPACE -- The robot, which was still working Friday evening, is finally asleep ...
Rosetta Philae transmitted data on drilling the "Choury" comet.

The photo above, wast taken by the Rosetta Philae robot lander on comet "tchouri" and transmitted by the European Space Agency November 13, 2014

This little robot is a tough guy. Stuck in the shadow of a rock comet "Choury" with almost empty batteries, Philae was able to send data to Earth Friday night. "We have received everything."

"Everything went exactly as planned. It could even make the rotation to optimize reception of light on the solar panels," said Jean-Pierre Bibring in a telephone interview from the control center of Philae in Cologne (Germany).

"The relationship with Rosetta was established a little later than expected. Maybe I moved a little ;)", tweeted the European Space Agency.

It was however the last contact with Philae. "in standby mode," he "will doze off soon", it was announced on Friday night to Saturday by the European and French space agencies. The contact was finally lost to 01:36 French time, according to the CNES in Toulouse, which believed that the battery should be fully discharged by Philae around 3am.

Before dozing off, Philae was able to make a last-minute drill. However, it will wait to see if the sample has been brought to the surface.

Rotation before hibernation

One of the great abilities of the lander is the little robot's ability to rotate 35 ° to reorient its solar panels. This could allow Philae out of hibernation around the Summer, when the comet will approach the Sun, according to Philippe Gaudon, head of the Rosetta project at CNES.

Whatever happens at Philae, the Rosetta mission is far from over. The probe, which has traveled 6.5 billion miles in space, continues to escort "Choury" at least until August 13. It is at this time that the comet will pass closest to the Sun and should become inoperative.

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