Saturday, October 11, 2014

Differences In Techniques

doggies delivering differently

This vs. That

You don't have to be Charlie Sheen to know what Winning really is or what Losing feels like.

You don't have to be a genius to know the difference between working hard and working well.

The differences are stark, most of the time.

Yet sometimes, the difference between light and dark, left and right, up and down, English and French, Italian and Spanish, or Fruit & Veg can be, well, quite hard to see.

When it comes to publishing online, the same applies.  What's good SEO? What's negative SEO? What about SEM?  

Though negative SEO can be a problem because you have competitors in your industry, a strong SEO and SEM campaign can help to be the best defense. 

When you optimize your site to appear on the first page of search engine results pages, in addition to using paid ads to drive traffic to your site, you strengthen your web visibility. 

So here, without further ado, is a great guide to helping you distinguish the differences between tweaking your web pages for SEM vs. SEO.

And here's a great infographic from that article that you should refer to whenever you forget the basic "must Dos" of SEO:

5 ways to get the maximum output from seo

By the way, if you visit the article in the link above, be sure to read it all, and then checkout the amazing SEO linkbuilding guide that's at the end.  A friend of mine tried it and has already tripled his daily traffic to his site about farm animal medicines, in just 7 days.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Optimized Camel Photos and Selfie Posts

Too Many Selfies! Not Enough Camel Faces!

The face of internet vanity is you.

It's something else, the selfie. The word, believed to be coined by a drunk Australian on an online forum in 2002, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.

And now, camels are getting in on the action.

But first, here's an amazing video that explains how exactly to optimize the photo selection you choose if you want to be popular (or unpopular) on social networks.

Keep in mind, if you're posting your selfie on a page on your own website, or a blog that lets you include articles to accompany your beautiful autoportrait, here's an important (and free) lesson in how to optimize your articles for search, so that people looking for articles with selfies in them can find them easily in google, yahoo and bing.  (duckduckgo users are obviously too cool to make a selfie page).

Something to think about when creating great content that you want to share and be well indexed by the major search engines:  Are you worried that writing articles with SEO in mind will make the writing worse? That maybe it won’t be worth the effort? It’s a delicate balance, but incorporating SEO does not need to hamper your writing. In fact, it can enhance your content. Learn the 4 keys behind successful SEO writing (see the link above) and get on with your life ... or at least with your post.

On that page, you'll learn some valuable information about things like how to write the best Title tags for your selfie page (or any other page you make), as seen in this video:

And now ... a roaring camel selfie photo selection from this post full of selfies featuring camel faces ... with some funny people.

selfie with ship of the desert
camel selfie
Image: Imgur, Reddit, _JSL_

Sci-Fi Food Cultural Icon

McDonald's. Japan. Batman. 

Super Hero Fast Food Packaging Satisfies Nippon

Japan is (or was back in the '70s and '80s, anyway) famous for taking great ideas and inventions, and making them better at scalable, affordable and efficient rates.

Apparently they've done it again with this cooler than cool Batman themed packaging for Batman Burgers and Cheesy Fries.

mcdonald's batman burger and fries in tokyo
Batman Burger & Cheesy Fries, Japan, 2014
[Photo: jc1593@Reddit]

Is it just me, or is it a sure sign that fast food is so super unhealthy that the only way the golden arches corporation can move their product is to smear it in super hero branded packages?

All the same, cool art.  

But where's Robin?  Is that used for packaging things like their famous apple pie?  or salads?

superhero smackdown
Batman and Robin on jealousy

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

U.S. Secret Service Aiming For President Obama?

Unauthorized Gunman and President Obama in Elevator
Not-So-Minor oversight by The White House's Protective Services

photo of the white house in washington, dc, usa
The White House, near La Maison Blanche restaurant, Washington, DC

Ok ... what the heck is going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

This story is breaking bad ... and I don't mean the TV show.

Seriously, with this being the third recent widely reported potential life threatening circumstance that America's Chief Executive has been indirectly involved in, why doesn't the Secret Service try not letting that sort of thing happen again?

You can't just chalk it up to human error and move on like everything will be fine.

Everything will not be fine if you are just lazy about protecting the leader of the free world.

It is imperative that his security be their top priority, and that protocol, designed to protect his life, not be broken as easily as it has been.

I really hope that the brainless twits involved in these slip-ups get properly taught their lesson not to repeat their mistakes.

Love 'em or hate 'em, presidents are presidents. They are extremely important, and they do need to be protected from the crazy people who would harm them.

Now go have some apple pie and listen to some patriotic country music.

Triple Boob FAKE Causes Real Triple Boob Halloween Costume

You Knew This Was Coming ...

It seems like an eternity ago, when just last week Jasmine Tridevil's triple boob photo was exposed as a FAKE, made with the help of a prosthetic mammary gland.

In case you missed it, here it is:
triple boob photo fake
Jasmine Tridevil's fake triple-boob selfie, Sept. 2014

Since then, so much creativity has been poured into covering (or uncovering, as it were) the story by the boobs who call themselves internet journalists.

Aside from having the perfect nom de plume for such a stunt, Ms. Tridevil has inspired some creative arts, at least commercially.

You can now buy a triple boob costume (which looks hilariously awful and exceedingly fake) online, just in time for Halloween.  Sooo ... If you're wondering, yeah, it must be said: This year, when shopping for your Halloween costume, be sure to heed this advice from Allison Grant of Forsyth, Ackerman, Kim & Ellsworth (F.A.K.E.) Research Ltd., whole recently stated:

"Don't be fooled by imposters. Only go for the real fake triple boob costume. "

Of course, with such a great acronym for that sort of insight, why wouldn't you listen to her?

And here's what that genuine three-boobed costume looks like:
Look out for a Tridevil at your 2014 Halloween party
Real Fake Triple Boob Costume
I wonder how many organic search queries they'll get for that in google, bing and yahoo.

Read more about that on, what else, Jezebel (because you shouldn't just trust any old media boobery to expose such an extra important story).