Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Triple Boob FAKE Causes Real Triple Boob Halloween Costume

You Knew This Was Coming ...

It seems like an eternity ago, when just last week Jasmine Tridevil's triple boob photo was exposed as a FAKE, made with the help of a prosthetic mammary gland.

In case you missed it, here it is:
triple boob photo fake
Jasmine Tridevil's fake triple-boob selfie, Sept. 2014

Since then, so much creativity has been poured into covering (or uncovering, as it were) the story by the boobs who call themselves internet journalists.

Aside from having the perfect nom de plume for such a stunt, Ms. Tridevil has inspired some creative arts, at least commercially.

You can now buy a triple boob costume (which looks hilariously awful and exceedingly fake) online, just in time for Halloween.  Sooo ... If you're wondering, yeah, it must be said: This year, when shopping for your Halloween costume, be sure to heed this advice from Allison Grant of Forsyth, Ackerman, Kim & Ellsworth (F.A.K.E.) Research Ltd., whole recently stated:

"Don't be fooled by imposters. Only go for the real fake triple boob costume. "

Of course, with such a great acronym for that sort of insight, why wouldn't you listen to her?

And here's what that genuine three-boobed costume looks like:
Look out for a Tridevil at your 2014 Halloween party
Real Fake Triple Boob Costume
I wonder how many organic search queries they'll get for that in google, bing and yahoo.

Read more about that on, what else, Jezebel (because you shouldn't just trust any old media boobery to expose such an extra important story).

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