Why is this blog here?

First of all, if you'd read the Where page, you'd know that it's not here. It's everywhere (almost).

As to why this blog exists, you should ask yourself that question.  And then ask yourself why don't you already understand that?

What went wrong in your life that you can't comprehend this blog's purpose?

How many broken dreams did you have to suffer to get to this point?

Maybe this blog is just here to tell you that when you need shelter from the storm, take cover under the roof of your house, not under the wet raggedy blanket of a friend, because then you'll just get sick.

Maybe this blog is just here to share this documentary with you, about why we are here:

Or maybe not.

And maybe the world just deserves it.  Maybe the things that are wrong should be skewered in this way by a man of the caliber of Randy Marshall.

And then again, it could just be to remind you who The Boss is around here.

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