Monday, September 29, 2014


To Fake Or Not To Fake

Don't blame the messenger ... which in this case was a dog

The cute Beagle in the fake KLM Lost & Found service advertisement. September 2014

KLM made a very cute ad. It went viral.

And it turns out, it's a fake.

Had they just said "this is not real" anywhere in the video (ie: in the title or credits), that would have been enough, and all that wonderful public relations stuff would have worked for them. It did not need to be pawned off as an authentic ad, to garner millions of views and "aaaaaawwws".

But they didn't.  Instead, they ended up getting a little bit of backlash from the episode.

Lesson learned (we hope):  When you're a big brand, don't mess with people's trust in your name.  You should be forthright and stand behind what you say, or else don't say it.

Still, you can't fault man's best friend. That doggy was doing its best to shine on camera. And what a beautiful performance it gave.

Maybe this is an opportunity to actually use bloodhounds (better than beagles for lost & found work) to do this sort of work.  I bet that would win significant public support, especially if it's done as a sort of "make good" effort, and to lead the way in innovative techniques to rejoin people and the things they lost on board a KLM flight.

Note: If you have not yet seen the video, here it is:

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