Thursday, June 25, 2015

SEO News Update

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SEO in the news

Search Google News for SEO.

Go ahead. Try it.

At first you might be dismayed about the general coverage of the SEO space and its importance in the industry.

But when you consider people like Jason DeMers, an SEO with a blog / guest column regularly appearing on Forbes, it seems an increasing number of SEOs are pushing the topic forward, and helping to demystify the things SEOs do.

Whether or not that play is as wise as it may seem, is not a universally accepted view. Some SEO experts view it as a way of informing lots of SMBs who don't know about SEO, but they may get the wrong ideas relative to their own SEO needs.

Of course, anytime anyone tries to lift the veil of secrecy off of any trade or profession, some incumbents will reject the notion as a lowering of standards, in one way or another.  And in time, the naysayers are consumed by the overwhelming market size that make the formerly secretive knowledge normal, common, almost banal.

The trouble seems to stem from the typical washed down coverage of almost generic topics, rather than deeper insights into more advanced topics that experienced professionals might be concerned with or interested in.

And of course, in the case of SEO, the elements of Desktop and Mobile SEO are a big topic which get constant coverage, even if more fundamental issues remain under the surface.

Regardless of one's stance, of course, an SEO must remain on top of the current issues related to doing the necessary work.  So even if you don't like reading about SEO in major media, the fact is you have to read up on what they're publishing. At least, you must do this from time to time, just to make sure you don't fall behind your competitors. Remember, they are focused on bringing home the bacon, and damn the consequences of ignoring the more significant issues that newbies do not understand.

For example, Google Now On Tap, an insightful feature, is one new tool that SEOs are starting to use to improve their SEO/SERP results. But not every SEO agrees that this is a good use of their time, at least not yet. Yet the coverage of it is almost ubiquitous in secondary and tertiary media outlets that feature search engine optimization in their news conetnt.

And that's it, for now.  Your latest SEO Science & Arts Update, from Randy Marshall.

Note: If you are interested in learning more about the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of SEO for Google News, watch the following video from the Google Webmasters channel on YouTube.

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