Wednesday, January 7, 2015

EDF EN announces more Wind Farm power for France

spinning turbines on a wind farm
Remember when seeds mattered more than windmills?
EDF Energy News announced Tuesday, January 6, 2015, the commissioning of two wind farms in France, in the Picardie region (north) and Champagne-Ardenne (northeast), totaling a combined installed capacity of 25 megawatts (MW). Picardie, the Andigny Plateau wind farm in the Aisne, represents an installed capacity of 21 MW, says EDF EN in a statement.

Consisting of 7 Siemens turbines, the installation is jointly owned by EDF EN and Diamond Generating Europe. It is located in the communes of Vaux-Andigny, Molain, Valley Mulato and Saint-Martin-Rivière. The second farm commissioned, located in Marne, is the Trécon-Clamanges Park, in the communes of Villeseneux and Trécon. With a capacity of 4 MW and includes two 2 MW Vestas turbines.

 EDF EN has reported that the total production of these two wind farms corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of more than 22,000 inhabitants.

 While the amount of power generated may seem small compared to France's national consumption rates, anti-nuclear energy groups say that harnessing wind power is a step in the right direction towards a world that uses less toxic energy and more green energy.
Speaking of wind farms and safety, checkout this classic video clip of a Danish wind turbine exploding and basically vaporizing mid-spin. So much for safer, right? (or is it?)

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