Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Google A Day Put The Fun Of Search Your Way

A Google A Day

Another fun way to help improve the Google way

screen capture of A Google A Day, 1/10/2015
Seen on A Google A Day
Don't hate the player or the game. Play with the player and go find the name.

A Google A Day is an amusing little website apparently made by the search engine behemoth, to keep you using and building their search engine technology.

By simply asking a trivia style question, users generally search around for the answer ... and where else, but on Google?  Sure, you could search in other directories or engines, or (heaven forbid) read a book to learn the answer. But with the GOOG at your finger tips, this makes the game's value proposition of instant gratification more instantaneous, and in a visual manner.

Checkout this video that explains more about A Google A Day in a visual way, and how it helps you become a smarter, savvier searcher when you play their trivia game.

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